SwedenSweden emerged as a kingdom during the middle ages. Today it is the largest Scandinavian country with over 9 million citizens. It has a well known welfare state, and the living standard is one of the highest in the world. The population density is low, and most of the population lives in urban areas. The capital Stockholm is also the largest city, and other large cities are Gothenburg and Malmö.


The countryside is mostly forest, with many lakes. In the northwest, mountains separate Sweden from Norway, and southern Sweden is mainly agricultural. There are also large archipelagoes, particularly in the Stockholm area. Stockholm itself is a city built on islands, and is by many considered one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The island of Gamla Stan, the old town, is the oldest part of the city, dating back to the 13th century. Here there are many historical locations, such as the royal palace, as well as stores and restaurants. On Skeppsholmen is the extremely popular Vasa musem, displaying the best preserved 17th century warship in the world. The ship sank outside Stockholm 1628, and was salvaged in 1961 largely intact. If you are looking for travel arrangements, click here.


Stockholm is also a great place for shopping. Swedish glass and design is famous, and there are great number of stores throughout the city, for example in Gamla Stan and on the main shopping street of Drottninggatan. The outdoor museum and market of Skansen is a great place for homemade craft work and clothing.

Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland also attracts many tourists. Here you have a chance to experience the northern lights, or visit the famous ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi. There are also many opportunities for skiing, downhill as well as cross-country. The most popular ski resort is Åre in Jämtland.

Places of interest

Other places worth visiting is Liseberg, Scandinavia’s oldest theme park in Gothenburg. On the west coast is also the popular tourist town of Strömstad, conveniently located near the norweigan border and the Bronze Age petroglyphs of Tanum. On the island of Gotland is the town of Visby, with its 13th century city wall.

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